[OpenID] Exchange could be a strategic error -- if done now rather than later...

Johannes Ernst jernst+openid.net at netmesh.us
Tue Jan 16 05:24:03 UTC 2007

But ...

Keep in mind that the foundation of everything OpenID -- Yadis -- was  
created for the specific purpose to let everybody plug in whatever  
services they like to. This is one of the major attractions of the  
OpenID movement -- nobody gets to veto somebody else's innovations,  
and thus we have a larger community than many others in identity land.

Having said that, there is a good point to be made to distinguish  
between "official OpenID specifications" and "other innovations that  
may or may not become official OpenID specifications at some point".  
FOr one, even if we don't have partially-overlapping "competing"  
specs, it would be very unreasonable to expect from implementors --  
or even the implementor's expectations -- to implement every single  
one and update every single one every time it gets updated.

What about we communicate that "two-tier structure" with respect to  
OpenID branding -- because that's all it is, it is not about  
technology given the decentralized nature of OpenID -- more clearly?


Johannes Ernst
NetMesh Inc.

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