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Chris Messina chris.messina at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 01:59:12 UTC 2007


Also excited to hear that progress is being made on the server
infrastructure -- thanks David!


On 1/15/07, Scott Kveton <scott at janrain.com> wrote:
> Hi Everybody,
> I've got planet.openid.net up and running now ... This deprecates what we
> had at http://iwantmyopenid.org/planet.
> If you'd like to be listed, feel free to forward me your name, link to your
> blog, blog feed URL and pic (if you'd like something custom like David's):
> http://planet.openid.net/images/david.png
> Otherwise you'll get the "this space for rent" logo in the shape of
> Johannes' head ... :-)  **
> Ideally your feed URL will be specific to OpenID only ... Take a look at the
> feed URL's at planet.openid.net for examples of this (mine and claimID are
> good ones).
> There are feeds there you can subscribe to in just about every imaginable
> format.  Feel free to start sucking down more about OpenID! :-)
> Also, you'll be seeing entries there under the title of "The OpenID Buzz"
> ... David Recordon has been nice enough to maintain a Google Reader feed
> with interesting articles about OpenID that he sees that are added to the
> feed.  Thanks David!
> In other "Thanks David" news, David has been working hard to upgrade/tweak
> openid.net to solve the wiki problems (see comments on index.php in the URL)
> as well as consolidate the configuration away from two instances of Apache
> and generally make life easier for those of us that are maintaining that
> box.  Look for more info on that soon.
> - Scott
> ** - we won't actually be renting out that space ... :-)
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