[OpenID] Question on Conferences and the Marketing of OpenID

Dick Hardt dick at sxip.com
Mon Jan 15 06:04:49 UTC 2007

On 8-Jan-07, at 7:01 AM, James McGovern wrote:

> I learned of OpenID because I ran across it while blogging.  
> Otherwise, in
> context of my day job working for a Fortune 100 enterprise whose  
> primary
> business model isn't technology otherwise would have never heard of  
> it.
> While this list is to discuss specifications, this begs the  
> question of
> should we create specifications around how to get the word out  
> better to all
> of my industry peers.
> Noticed that folks from Verisign were key players in the creation  
> of this
> spec, yet it is not prominently mentioned on their web site. If you  
> know to
> search for it, it still only returns two results. What do we need  
> to do to
> get Verisign and the other large guys (small guys are covered) to  
> show a
> little more respect towards OpenID in terms of their own web site?

Good question for VeriSign!

> I ran across The : Authentication and Online Trust Alliance and their
> upcoming conference (http://www.aotalliance.org/summit2007/) and  
> noted that
> no one is talking about stuff in our space. Does anyone have a list  
> of all
> planned 2007 conferences where OpenID should be discussed?

I don't have ALL conferences, but here are some that I known of:

Catalyst, Digital ID World, Gartner IdM.

Additionally, there are the Web 2.0 and O'Reilly Emerging tech  

I am speaking at a couple of CERT conferences and the W3C conference  
as well as a couple European IdM conferences.

> Also curious if anyone has been pushing the industry analyst crowd to
> provide coverage? If not, I will need lots of folks to start  
> submitting
> inquiries to Gartner, Forrester and the Burton Group to get them to  
> pay
> attention.

I have briefed Gartner, Forrester and the Burton Group on OpenID and  
the user-centric model.

User-centric identity was discussed in several presentations at the  
last Catalyst conference. At that time, SXIP/DIX and OpenID had not  
converged and DIX had more prominence.

-- Dick

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