[OpenID] Where can I get a free i-name?

Drummond Reed drummond.reed at cordance.net
Fri Jan 12 22:25:18 UTC 2007

I've been in meetings the last three days and was only just pointed at this
thread, but let me at least clarify that the OpenID Authentication 2.0
specifies that OpenID RPs use the an XRI i-number to *persist* the identity
of the user. It does NOT say that it must (or should ever) be exposed to the
user. Instead the i-name (or any human-friendly identifier including a
display name) should be used.

So an exposure of an i-number in a UI is no more intended than a browser
displaying an IP address instead of a domain name. 

I'll need more details about how LinkSafe's registration UI works to suggest
a solution there, but I wanted to at least clear up this confusion.


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Cheers, Kevin. This completely renders i-names unusable in the SSO context.
I love this specification!


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