[OpenID] Visa's 3-D Secure

Gabe Wachob gabe.wachob at amsoft.net
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I got to it without agreeing to any licenses, so I'm not sure what you mean
by "not public" - its publicly available by following public links and you
can download it. I do agree that all the restriction language sucks. In
fact, I believe that's boilerplate and probably someone forgot to take it
off. Its still worth looking at, since it really is prior art. 





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Gabe, the system overview PDF states on page 1:

"This work is proprietary and confidential information of Visa International
Service Association and may be disclosed and used only as authorized by

So, although publicly available, the doc seems not to be public.




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I've mentioned this to several people before because OpenID is similar in
architecture and intent to Visa's 3-D Secure (the technology behind Verified
by Visa and Mastercard's SecureCode - password authentication for ecommerce
use of credit cards), something I spent  a lot of time with while I was at
Visa. 3-D Secure was deployed several years ago and has met with varying
levels of success. I've been frustrated because the specs are not available
publicly without executing a license and thus lessons from 3-D secure are
hard to discuss in the context of OpenID.  


I finally found a public summary of 3-D secure here:
102.pdf (there's a ton of non-technical stuff, but there's a good amount of
technical detail - page 15 onwards). 


There's also another less technical document discussing the benefits and
architecture of 3-D Secure for various stakeholders:


The 3-D Secure main page is here:





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