[OpenID] caller_id + federation (was: call it federation (was: thoughts on a consumer drivenidp affiliate program ))

David Nicol davidnicol at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 17:14:43 UTC 2007

so we've got two cases, caller-id and federation.

to implement caller-id, the receiving site just has to publish what
their caller-id convention is.  The openID protocol does not need
to define this, but could repeat the suggestion you have made as
a suggestion.  If openID site creation toolkits provide a primitive
to create the properly formatted link, that would be cool.

The use-case I have in mind for federation is something like
services that add information to identities, for instance a
reputation service (such as a credit rating service.)  Such a service
would associate identies with additional information.  To reduce
load on identity providers, and simplify software that is a client
of the reputation service, the reputation service might provide

That kind of thing could be built on openID as it is now, with additional
integration instructions provided by the service.  Federation also does
not need additional complexity added to the core openID specification,
but adding such might have benefit for standardizing and easing openID-based
additional services.

The addition might be to provide a multi-level caching system similar to
the way DNS servers work.

If my service is hosted at a hosting service and I want to use openID, I
would make calls to the local openID cache rather than directly to the
user's IDp.

That imagined additional layer again does not need to be part of the openID
but might be mentioned as a possibility, or described in a separate
(unless it's already in there -- it might be)

pre-Α, Α, Β, rc, release.
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