[OpenID] thoughts on a consumer driven idp affiliate program

Rowan Kerr rowan at standardinteractive.com
Tue Jan 9 17:16:01 UTC 2007

On 1/9/07, Lukas Rosenstock <inbox at lukasrosenstock.net> wrote:
> > So, a consumer that receives a request from an idp affiliate where the
> > HTTP_REFERRER is from an ourservice.com domain and the
> > request is of the type
> > http://ourservice.schtuff.com?caller_id=http://www.ourservice.com/users/john
> > could automatically do the needful.
> This could do the work.
> Currently there is already an agreement to set the name property of the
> login textbox to "openid_url". This agreement can be extended. My
> suggestion:

Draft 11 of the 2.0 spec says "openid_identifier"..

        The form field's "name" attribute SHOULD have
        the value "openid_identifier"

Is it worth changing it from the 1.1 spec?


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