[OpenID] Temporarily redirecting one's identity?

Drummond Reed drummond.reed at cordance.net
Sun Jan 7 06:54:18 UTC 2007

Johnny Bufu wrote:
>If it is decided that it's best for this to be part of the Yadis  
>spec, it will need some careful consideration. As
>Sam selectively issues redirects based on the presence of a certain  
>header in the request, he effectively points RPs to different URLs  
>(which will become later on different claimed identifiers), depending  
>on how they formulate the requests.
>In such a configuration, one could even argue that the URL can no  
>longer serve as an "identifier", since it locates different Resources  
>based on the parameters of the request (which are not part of the URL  

Technically, the "identifier" is still the URL, but the request parameters
dictate which XRDS is returned. All the XRDS documents describe the same
logical resource, they just give you different logical views of its
associated services. 

XRI resolution works the same way. Using XRI reference processing (the
xrd:Ref element), if you ask an XRI resolver for a certain type of service
endpoint for an XRI, you may get back a different XRDS than if you asked for
a different service endpoint. They all describe the same resource, but just
from the viewpoint of different authorities.


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