[OpenID] human-memorable namespaces (was RE: Identity conceptsexplained by cartoon ducks)

Dave Kearns dkearns at gmail.com
Sat Jan 6 16:34:30 UTC 2007

From: Dick Hardt
> URLs can provide essentially the same thing can they not?
> On 6-Jan-07, at 12:16 AM, Drummond Reed wrote:
> > Jens,
> >
> > I had a good talk with Eve Maler from Sun about this the
> > other day about your point about human-memorable namespaces.
> > Part of the reason that AOL users are stuck with names like
> > "fredsmith226" is how constrained DNS syntax is.

The AOL problem has nothing to do with DNS syntax, but with the reserved
characters within the AOL namespace. And, as Dick noted, for human
readability "john.alford.smith.domain.tld" is no different from
"xri.org/=john.alford.smith" is it? Or domain.tld/john.alford.smith or
domain.tld/john/alford/smith or even john.alford.smith at domain.tld. ...


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