[OpenID] Dumb Question: Why isn't http://xri.net/=bobwyman an OpenID?

Drummond Reed drummond.reed at cordance.net
Sat Jan 6 07:38:42 UTC 2007

Joaquin, yes, both URLs are valid HXRIs, and both contain the same valid XRI
in XRI-normal form, which is "=joaquin".


Each also identifies an HXRI proxy resolution service - in the first case,
xri.ru, and in the second case, xri.joaquin.net. To be highly precise, the
HXRI proxy resolution service would be the CGI at each of these webservers
that processes URL paths that begin with =, @, !, +, or $. 


Such a service has a specific type, identified by the XRI
"xri://$res*proxy*($v*2.0)", as explained in the Proxy Resolution section of
XRI Resolution 2.0 Working Draft 10





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Thanks, Drummond.  

Just so everyone is on the same page, for each of the two URLs below:
  is it equivalent to some i-name?
  if so, which i-name?


(Let's first assume that each identifies a HXRI proxy resolution service.
Then, if relevant, the case when they don't.)

Joaquin, sorry, it was getting very late last night, so I didnt put in the
full rule, which appears on the XRI TC wiki page on XRI Syntax 2.1,
The rule says:

A HXRI proxy resolution service is identified by an HTTP(S) URI in which: 
1.       The least significant domain name begins with "xri." AND 
2.       The first character of the path is a GCS character (!, =, @, +, $),
i.e., the starting character of a canonical XRI. 

These two rules together should produce an diminimus number of false


Drummond, this smells strange to me.  But the only questions I can formulate

-- How did you get from 'http://xri.net/' <http://xri.net/'%A0>  to
'http://xri <http://xri/> *' ?
-- What kind of funny-business might happen with 'http://xri.ru
<http://xri.ru/> ' ' or ' http://xri.joaquin.net <http://xri.joaquin.net/>

Cordially, Joaquin

Well, maybe this one, too:

-- Since I can run my own XRI root and resolver, ...  what?  (?)

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