[OpenID] Dumb Question: Why isn't http://xri.net/=bobwyman an OpenID?

Joaquin Miller joaquin at netmesh.us
Fri Jan 5 21:13:58 UTC 2007

Thanks, Drummond.

Just so everyone is on the same page, for each of the two URLs below:
   is it equivalent to some i-name?
   if so, which i-name?



(Let's first assume that each identifies a HXRI proxy resolution 
service.  Then, if relevant, the case when they don't.)

>Joaquin, sorry, it was getting very late last night, so I didn't put 
>in the full rule, which appears on the XRI TC wiki page on XRI 
>Syntax 2.1, specifically:
>The rule says:
>A HXRI proxy resolution service is identified by an HTTP(S) URI in which:
>1.      The least significant domain name begins with "xri." AND
>2.      The first character of the path is a GCS character (!, =, @, 
>+, $), i.e., the starting character of a canonical XRI.
>These two rules together should produce an diminimus number of false 
>Drummond, this smells strange to me.  But the only questions I can 
>formulate are:
>-- How did you get from 'http://xri.net/'  to 'http://xri*' ?
>-- What kind of funny-business might happen with 'http://xri.ru' ' 
>or ' http://xri.joaquin.net'?
>Cordially, Joaquin
>Well, maybe this one, too:
>-- Since I can run my own XRI root and resolver, ...  what?  (?)
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