[OpenID] Dumb Question: Why isn't http://xri.net/=bobwyman an OpenID?

Drummond Reed drummond.reed at cordance.net
Fri Jan 5 06:48:53 UTC 2007

> Robert Sayre wrote:
>> Thank you for translating the the second half of the quote. One more 
>> question. What is an "XDI.org-accredited i-broker"?
>Wil Tan wrote:
>Think of it as the XRI's parallel universe version of ICANN-accredited 
>An i-broker is like a domain name registrar, except it can provide 
>services other than XRI registration. Currently, all i-brokers provide 
>the OpenID service.
>It wouldn't be right for me to explain what XDI.org is. Drummond should 
>probably be the one doing it.

First, Robert, my apologies for using such twisted English in my earlier
response. My writing suffers when I haven't had enough sleep ;-)

And since I badly need to go to bed, I'll try give you a short answer that
builds on Wil's analogy: XDI.org is XRI's parallel universe version of

The key differences:

1) XDI.org was created before XRI infrastructure existed, not after.

2) It is the community trust organization to which all the underlying IPR
has been contributed, exactly as is being proposed for the OpenID

3) It is required by its charter to represent the full community, with
preference and prejudice towards none.

4) It is also required by its charter to use XRI and XDI technology in its
own governance, i.e., all registrants in the XDI.org registry services can
use their XRIs to authenticate (via OpenID!) and vote in community

For full info, check out http://www.xdi.org and also http://gss.xdi.org for
the XDI.org Global Services Specifications that govern XDI.org global
registry services offered by XDI.org-accredited i-brokers.


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