[OpenID] Dumb Question: Why isn't http://xri.net/=bobwyman an OpenID?

Drummond Reed drummond.reed at cordance.net
Fri Jan 5 05:47:08 UTC 2007

>> Drummond Reed wrote:
>> Therefore it seems to me the best thing to do would be to have OpenID
>> libraries recognize an HXRI (from the http://xri.* pattern) as a form of
>> XRI, drop the HXRI proxy resolver prefix, and proceed with it as an XRI
>> the user gets the i-name/i-number synonym benefits they expect.
>Martin Atkins wrote:
>I think it's worth noting that XRI support is not a MUST for OpenID RPs, 
>so using these "HXRIs" is presumably going to be the standard way to 
>deal with a lack of XRI support in a particular RP. (though of course 
>this sucks usability-wise.)
>An OpenID RP that is YADIS-aware but not XRI-aware is not going to have 
>this special case in it, and will thus end up using the HXRI as the 
>identifier URL rather than the i-number.
>I don't have a solution, I just wanted to highlight the potential 
>problem. Ideally, of course, RPs will support XRI at least minimally by 
>just using a good OpenID RP library.

Good point, Martin. I don't have a better solution either. Using an HXRI as
the Claimed Identifier instead of the XRI i-number is ugly all the way
around, but I guess in its own way no worse than using a URL (wry smile
there ;-). When an RP upgrades to an OpenID Authentication 2.0 library, they
can use a synonym table to incrementally upgrade their HXRI users to use the
true persistent XRI i-number.


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