[OpenID] Dumb Question: Why isn't http://xri.net/=bobwyman an OpenID?

Bob Wyman bob at wyman.us
Fri Jan 5 03:02:26 UTC 2007

On 1/4/07, Dag Arneson <dag at janrain.com> wrote:
> As I mentioned before, xri.net is not spec compliant with OpenID
It seems to me that it would be a very, very good thing if xri.net could be
brought into compliance with OpenID as soon as possible. Folk might get the
wrong impression about the relationship between the XRI/i-names community
and the rest of the folk in the OpenID community if xri.net continues to be
out of compliance...

In other threads, we have Sam Ruby offering his excellent services in the
development of XRD validation suites. Perhaps there is also a need for tools
that would validate the full suite of external interfaces presented by an
OpenID site... I may be wrong, but I believe the current issues with
xri.netgo beyond those that Sam's validator would be able to deal

Note: I think it is excellent that Sam has weighed in to help out with
XRD/Yadis validation. His work was very important to helping us make Atom as
good as it is and very important in helping to drastically reduce the number
of poorly encoded RSS and Atom feeds. OpenID is lucky to have his attention.

bob wyman
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