[OpenID] Anti-XRI FUD

Peter Davis peter.davis at neustar.biz
Wed Jan 3 19:36:25 UTC 2007

FWIW, there is nothing decentralized about openID.  It's rooted in either
the '.' DNS namespace (centralized), or via IANA-controlled address
assignments. Please explain how DNS centralization is any better or worse
than iNames centralization.

I except arguments that it is better to have a totally decentralized
addressing scheme, and for that, I suggest folks inspect the Liberty
Alliance ID-WSF specification suite [1].  That is precisely what has been
architected there.

To make the claim that iNames introduces centralization where non existed
before (in openID) is disingenuous.


On 1/3/07 3:14 AM, "Jens Alfke" <jens at mooseyard.com> wrote:

> That may be because decentralization was a key goal of OpenID from day one.
> The very first thing I remember reading about OpenID was Brad's initial
> web-page on danga.net, wherein he described OpenID as (I'm paraphrasing
> slightly) "an actually decentralized identity system" that "doesn't break if
> one site/domain goes down or turns evil".

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