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Jaco Aizenman skorpio at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 18:57:09 UTC 2007

James, XDI(*) a non for profit, has set up a fund to pay to free software
iname developers and to pay for other future social tasks.

A percentage of the iname sales go to that fund.

Please also note that a fully decentralized system do not resolve the bottom
line of this exchanges:

Freedom & Privacy

To get a better level of freedom and privacy, you need to mix technology(**)
and law(***). Also culture..., but the culture is developed together with
technology and law.

Traveling on this path, the XDI Board is developing policies, not just for
content (claims/data/attributes), but also for presence
(context/availability) and projection (identity right agreements/data

For this process to have better chances of success, it is very important the
input of people like you and others
who care about this subject and can make strong critic. Anyone interested
please feel free to contact me.

(*) I serve at the XDI Board.
Cordance is a for profit.

(**) Whatever set of protocols or protocol get standardized in the future.
My guess is that it will be mainly two. One centralized and one

(***) Local, regional, national and international laws not just on privacy,
but also more specific about virtual personality, including presence,
content and projection(****). This may include recognizing virtual
personality as  a new human right(*****).

(****) More about presence (context),  content (claim) and projection
(identity right agreements) here:

For a bad translation of the virtual personality human right Bill take a
look here:

On 1/3/07, James A. Donald <jamesd at echeque.com> wrote:
> Gabe Wachob wrote:
> > And "a full implementation of Zooko's triangle" is a
> > nonsensical statement. To quote zooko: "Names:
> > Decentralized, Secure, Human-Meaningful: Choose Two"
> > (or "global", "securely unique", "memorable",
> > depending on how you break it down.
> A full implementation of Zooko's triangle supports
> multiple names for an entity with appropriate mappings
> between them in order to accomplish all three goals.
> > It sounds to me like a lot of people are upset that
> > somehow INames are not totally decentralized.
> It is genuinely hard to build an entirely decentralized
> name system.  The problem is not that Inames is
> centralized, the problem is that its centralization
> results in it being a for-profit venture.  If I do work
> for a for-profit venture, I expect to be paid.
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