[OpenID] why is xri so obtuse?

James A. Donald jamesd at echeque.com
Tue Jan 2 21:55:42 UTC 2007

James A. Donald
 > > A full implementation of Zooko's triangle is multi
 > > rooted, and functions similarly to the way we handle
 > > actual human names or words in the English language.
 > > You don't have to apply to anyone for permission to
 > > use a name, or pay a fee to someone for use of that
 > > name, nor can that name be suddenly taken away from
 > > you after you have developed a lot of customer
 > > loyalty towards that name.

Dave Kearns
 > But you most likely do have to apply to someone for
 > the key, which is the important part of the system.

You are referring to some proposed implementation of
Zooko's triangle with which I am not familiar.  Could
you specify the proposed implementation in more detail,
or give me a link to it.

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