[OpenID] why is xri so obtuse?

Johnny Bufu johnny at sxip.com
Tue Jan 2 18:43:56 UTC 2007


On 1-Jan-07, at 5:18 PM, Martin Atkins wrote:
> I guess the Java OpenXRI implementation is up-to-date, but as is  
> typical
> of Java libraries there appears to be no simple example or "common  
> case"
> easy API, so you already have to understand nearly everything about  
> before you can begin to grok the library.
>    Ideally I'd just like a simple tool like the xriresolve.pl that  
> comes
> with the CPAN XRI package which does resolution of an arbitrary XRI
> while printing out verbose progress information so that I can  
> understand
> what it's doing. If someone would point me to an up-to-date one of  
> these
> I'd be very grateful.
> ( By the way, what are the GCS roots for = and @? :) I assume this'll
> end up in the "Global Registry Services" section eventually, but not
> knowing this is currently the main blocker to my investigating. )

We're using openxri-1.0.1 in the openid4java library and seems to be  
working okay, though we haven't tested XRIs extensively.

XRILookup and XRITracert tools can be found in the package, under the  
folder org.openxri.client/scripts/.

You can see how the resolver get initialized (and the root  
authorities configured) in the corresponding XRILookup class. In  
short, the authorities are defined like this:

>     final private static String ROOT_DEF_EQ_URI   = "http:// 
> equal.xri.net";
>     final private static String ROOT_DEF_AT_URI   = "http:// 
> at.xri.net";
>     final private static String ROOT_DEF_BANG_URI = "http:// 
> bang.xri.net";

Hope this helps,

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