[OpenID] "Free" URLs and XRIs (was RE: why is xri so obtuse?)

Drummond Reed drummond.reed at cordance.net
Tue Jan 2 17:27:19 UTC 2007

I just want to say I agree with Dave and Bob both on this simple point:
although the OpenID framework supports both URLs and XRIs, nothing requires
the use of XRIs. If you want to use URLs exclusively, you can.


And Dave is right, the XRI community will make sure that any developer who
needs one or more i-names or i-numbers to test their implementations can get
them at no cost. At a minimum LinkSafe offers this option now (see
www.linksafe.name <http://www.linksafe.name/> , bottom link), and we will
encourage all XDI.org-Accredited I-Brokers to offer this service to





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While I've n ever been a big fan of i-names (see
http://vquill.com/2005/05/i-names-convention-searching-for-use.html for
example), this issue of cost is simply a side-trip, even a non-sequitur. No
one is forced to get an i-name to use OpenID. If you're building an RP
service, there are ways to get the use of an i-name for testing so that you
can implement the entire suite. That doesn't mean you, or any of your
friends, need to obtain an i-name! So don't use one yourself. 


End of debate.



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