[OpenID] New XRI/i-names wiki (was RE: why is xri so obtuse?)

Drummond Reed drummond.reed at cordance.net
Tue Jan 2 03:19:41 UTC 2007

>> Drummond Reed wrote:
>> 	http://dev.inames.net
>> The big caveat: it's brand new, so only a handful of the pages proposed
>> the current front page exist so far.
>> [snip]
>Martin wrote:
>I actually stumbled across that earlier while I was trying to find some 
>information and wondered why there were so many broken links!
>It's good to hear that it's just because it's a work-in-progress and not 
>because it's broken. :)
>I look forward to reading some of the other pages that aren't there yet.

Les and I weren't going to say anything until we had the wiki reasonably
populated, but then when your post came along we had no choice. I'm really
excited to FINALLY get all of this information in one place. The OASIS XRI
and XDI TCs both have wikis, which are very helpful for spec development,
but they are not editable by the public, and they deal only with the specs
(and not the really hard work of actually implementing and deploying them).

>( By the way, what are the GCS roots for = and @? :) I assume this'll 
>end up in the "Global Registry Services" section eventually, but not 
>knowing this is currently the main blocker to my investigating. )

Yes, that information is exactly what will be there. But until that page is
written, ironically Les put all of it into his personal entry in the
Directory of Community Participants page at
http://dev.inames.net/wiki/index.php/About_Us#Les_Chasen. Feel free to ask
him any other questions you have about the XDI.org GRS roots right here on
this thread; we'll just keep pouring all the answers onto this new wiki.

(BTW the official XDI.org specs for the GRS, including the complete XRDS
documents for each of the GRS XRI authority resolution service endpoints (=,
@, and !), are published in the XDI.org Global Services Specifications (GSS)
.0.pdf. This and all other GSS info is available on the XDI GSS wiki at


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