[OpenID] why is xri so obtuse?

James A. Donald jamesd at echeque.com
Tue Jan 2 01:20:26 UTC 2007

Dmitry Shechtman wrote:
 > Victor,
 > Thank you for your kind suggestion.
 > I am working on OpenID integration for phpBB, world's
 > #1 bulletin board software, which also happens to be
 > free.
 > I thought I should mention i-names support as
 > additional rationale for bulletin board administrators
 > employing OpenID, but I now see that it would actually
 > have the opposite effect.
 > I'd be willing to develop a commercial package that
 > would include i-names support. If your upstream
 > provider wants me to, they'll have to pay me
 > $2,000,000.

I also do not like working for free so that some other
guy (this upstream provider) can get monopoly power.
This other guy needs to provide something for me first,
or else, like ICANN, he should *already* have monopoly

On the other hand, since there are already a huge supply
of top level XRI domain names, making second level XRI
domain names free, this monopoly is going to be a good
deal less onerous than the PKI or ICANN monopolies.
Boosting a potential XRI monopoly considerably lessens
the problems induced by the already existing PKI and
ICANN monopolies.

Still, doing free work for a for-profit rankles.  It
just is not fair, and I just do not feel like doing it.
I am a plenty smart guy.  Pay me.

I would be a good deal more enthused if OpenID supported
a fully decentralized naming system, but so far no one
has produced a user friendly fully decentralized system
for OpenID to support.  I have some fragmentary UI mock
ups, but they are not in good enough shape to show

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