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Allen Tom atom at yahoo-inc.com
Thu Feb 8 19:04:46 PST 2007

Hi Mark,

The problem that I was alluding to with phone number recycling is the 
case where original owner no longer has the phone number, but doesn't 
want to give up the OpenID based on that number. Obviously, rational 
people would agree that the ID should be surrendered to the new owner, 
but oftentimes lawyers get involved in these issues.

I suppose that this issue isn't much different than domain squatting, 
but this is likely to be a legal quandary that many OPs would rather not 
have to deal with.


sites at thirdvisit.co.uk wrote:
>> What happens if the phone number changes ownership?
> In the UK we have number portability between network providers. I can assume by your question - that in your country you don't have facility, that a shame.
> Here the only numbers that change tend to be local geographic codes which have an additional number(s) prefixed at the front. (See my previous group posting on this.)
> And if you change your phone number - in post business people's opinion, your business has just dropped off the face of the planet, it's like letting your domain expire! Queue a lot of expense.
>> Is the OP required to hand over the OpenID to the
>> new owner? If so, is the original owner locked out
>> of all the sites that where he used his OpenID?
> Part of the spec for OpenID is that you can redirect?
> I

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