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Wed Mar 11 18:04:03 PDT 2009

Brian,Thanks for the update.  Personally, I much prefer Trac to Google
Code's issue tracker and I'm curious about your reasoning for this move.
 Happy to hear about the move to Git however!

Also, I'm curious about how DotNetOpenId fits into the openid libraries that
you're referring to. DNOI has its own git repo already and mailing list, and
its own Google Code site, although I've been planning on moving it to Trac
soon.  If we're trying to collect the libraries support mailing lists and
issue tracking for a better user experience though I'd like to see what I
can do to support that.

In general, since there may be several OpenID libraries for a given language
or platform, is the idea to get them all to be hosted or tracked at the same
place (besides http://wiki.openid.net/Libraries)?


Andrew Arnott
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2009/3/11 Brian Ellin <brian at janrain.com>

> Dear dev at openidenabled.com list,
> We are joining forces with openid.net to consolidate this list with the
> new <code at openid.net> email list.  The new list will be home to all things
> OpenID code and library related, from library internals to implementation
> details and issues.  By having a single list for developers hosted at
> openid.net we hope to build a stronger community around the *all* the
> available libraries in the OpenID developer community.
> To join the new list, please visit:
> http://openid.net/mailman/listinfo/code
> Additionally, we are changing the development workflow for the libraries
> currently hosted and maintained at openidenabled.com.  Changes to the PHP
> library workflow include:
> * Adding Will Norris (Vidoop/Diso) and Luke Shepard (Facebook) as
> maintainers of the library.
> * Git will be used as the new version control system, and the repo will be
> hosted on github at http://github.com/bce/php-openid/tree/master.
>    * If you are interested in contributing to the library, simply fork the
> repo on github!
> And soon:
> * Create a home for all OpenID code on code.google.com, which will house a
> bug tracker and wiki for use with the libraries.  This is being spearheaded
> by Chris Messina and David Recordon, so look for news on the
> code at openid.net list for details.  We will continue using the trac on
> openidenabled.com until this happens.  This is a GREAT thing for OpenID!
> * Apply the new workflow to the Ruby and Python libraries.
> What about openidenabled.com?
> * openidenabled.com will still run the tests at
> http://openidenabled.com/resources/openid-test/
> * the live demos will also continue to run, as they are handy for testing
> out implementations:
> http://openidenabled.com/php-openid/trunk/examples/consumer/
> * The ruby and python darcs repositories and release workflow will stay on
> openidenabled.com for the time being.
> * The PHP darcs repo will remain available for now, though patches to the
> git repos will not be available in the darcs repos.
> * New PHP releases will continue to be made available on openidenabled.com<http://oepnidenabled.com/>until the new home on
> code.google.com exists, at which point releases will be distributed there.
> Cheers,
> Brian Ellin
> JanRain, Inc.
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