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Andrew Arnott andrewarnott at gmail.com
Sun Jun 7 21:58:55 UTC 2009

It sounds like you're describing an OpenID Provider.  Are you sure you don't
want to make Mailman an OpenID relying party instead?  It seems like it
would be of greater benefit to your users.
Andrew Arnott
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On Sun, Jun 7, 2009 at 2:19 PM, Malveeka Tewari <malveeka at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi
> I am working on implementing openID server for the mailman setup I am
> running.
> We want to provide the mailing list users an option whether or not to
> enable openID for their subscription.
> On the "login" page for their mailman subscription, the users will see an
> option for
> 1. Enable/Disable openID login for your subscription
> 2. Sign in with existing openID login for your subscription
> *1. Enable/Disable openID login for your subscription* *account*
> For enabling and diabling the openID feature, the users login their
> subscribed accounts as they do now for changing any of the subcription
> options.
> On this page if they enable the openID feature, they recieve an automated
> reply with their openID identifier.
> The password for the openID identifier is the same as that for the
> subscription accounts. If they change their subscription passwords, their
> openID password gets changed too.
> *2. Sign in with existing openID login*
> The user gets redirected to a page where he/she enters it's openID
> identifer and the password and can now manage account settings with the
> openID identifier. This authentication and further logging, modification of
> subscription configurations will be handled by the openID server.
> Since mailman is written in python, I downloaded the python-openid from
> janrain.com.
> I am hoping out the openID server would work with only little modifications
> after integrating with mailman but would appreciate some help here too.
> As I understand, the *changes that need to be made to the existing mailman
> code* include the following:
> Changing the MemberAdaptor.py and UserDesc.py for including information
> whether or not openID identifier is enabled for a paricular user.
> Propogating changes made to openID-identified-accounts to the subscription
> configurations.
> Changing the webpage interfaces for provinding and allowing users to access
> these options
> I want to know if there's already an openID enabled version of mailman
> available
> And what files would I need to make changes to include openID support in
> mailman
> I have asked this on the Mailman mailing list as well but they did not have
> any concrete suggestions.
> Thanks
> Malveeka
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