[OpenID board] September 7, 2017 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes

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Wed Oct 18 19:16:16 UTC 2017

September 7, 2017 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes

Don Thibeau, Executive Director
John Bradley
George Fletcher
Mike Jones
Adam Dawes
Nat Sakimura


Mike Leszcz, OpenID Foundation Staff
Tom Smedinghoff, Locke Lord LLP

1.       New "Government" Membership Category
Don Thibeau and Tom Smedinghoff made a recommendation to add a "Government" membership category - distinct from non-profit memberships.  The proposed price point is $500.  Adam asked what we're trying to solve here.  The goals are to make it easy for governments to join and easier for an agency to understand the implications of joining.  Tom reported that the current membership agreement has the notion of a "control group".  This works for corporate organizations but may not work for government agencies.  Tom suggests that the "control group" concept not apply to the government category.

John Bradley stated that while the US may not assert IPR, this may not be true of all governments.  Adam asked where the current structure is sufficiently broken that it is inhibiting government participation.  John said that government employees participating in working groups is a separate issue.  An alternative strawman is to simply rename the non-profit category to "non-profit and government".

This is coming up in the context of the iGov working group for some potential European participants.  Don will go back to the people discussing this and come back with an updated recommendation.

2.       Certification Program Update
Engineering Update:  RP Certification is now in production.  This means that we are charging for it and it is now available to non-members for the first time.  We are now on the new OP testing code base that enables adding new tests.  Additional tests are being worked on by Roland Hedberg and Hans Zandbelt.  Roland has written some code in support of the FAPI testing requirement that signed requests be used.  This will be a selectable option.

Business Update: Mike, Roland, Hans, and Don are helping Open Banking participants as we can.  Mike recently reinforced the goal of having one certification program using one code base.  The Open Banking people understood and supported this goal.  Don will also be taking this message to the participants in London in the next few weeks.

Personnel Update:  We are considering bringing Filip Skokan on as a third programmer on the certification project.  He has already made substantial contributions on a volunteer basis.

3.       Liaison Update
Don and Nat spoke to the ITU-T about FAPI and other related work.

4.       Marketing Update
The marketing committee is looking at a small contract with a third-party resource shared with OIX for that party to participate in social media channels for the foundation.  Don will report back with further details as they develop.

5.       Calendar Update
Don and Mike Leszcz are working on a calendar update they plan to publish in the next few days.

6.       Native Applications BCP and OpenID Foundation Links
John is in the AUTH48 process for the IETF Native Applications BCP.  Currently the AppAuth references are directly to the GitHub repository.  William Denniss and John were thinking it would be good to have the spec point to stable OpenID Foundation hosted links.  Mike suggested doing this in openid.net/code/.  John will work with Mike to create these links.

As an aside, we discussed that certification applications for the AppAuth libraries have not yet been submitted.  John will ask William, etc. about making this happen.

7.       JWT Library Validation
Adam proposed creating JWT validation software to the OpenID Connect working group. Mike Jones replied to the working group proposing specifics that should be tested.  Adam and a new program manager on his team will discuss this on an upcoming OpenID Connect working group call.  Mike asked whether this would be black-box testing or testing that calls the library APIs directly.  Adam said that that hadn't been decided yet.  We want to include developers of existing high-quality libraries in this effort.

8.       FAPI Spec Improvements
The foundation paid Carla Roncato to make editorial improvements to the two existing FAPI specs.  Mike asked when these will be posted at openid.net/specs.  John didn't know, and Nat wasn't on the call.  Mike will follow up via e-mail.

9.       Upcoming Meetings and Events
The next face-to-face board meeting is during IIW, which is October 17-19.  There will be a workshop at PayPal that Monday, October 16th.  There will be another executive committee call before IIW on October 5th.

[Nat Sakimura joined the call at this point]

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