[OpenID board] March 1, 2012 OpenID Board Meeting Minutes

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Thu Mar 8 20:07:32 UTC 2012

March 1, 2012 OpenID Board Meeting Minutes

Present in Person:
Don Thibeau, Executive Director
Mike Jones
Tony Nadalin
John Bradley
Nat Sakimura
Pamela Dingle
Eric Sachs
Greg Keegstra
Farhang Kassaei

Present on the Phone:
Kick Willemse
Axel Nennker

Nico Popp

John Ehrig, Global Inventures
Scott David, K&L Gates
Raj Mata, Yahoo!
Andrew Nash, Google

1.       IPR Issues

Following up upon IPR cleanup proposals from past meetings, following review by member companies, the board unanimously approved a statement for inclusion in specifications whereby the OIDF explicitly grants a license to implementers.  This had been asked for by some companies that are considering membership in the foundation.

The board reaffirmed that under the IPR policy, the patent promise applies only to the working groups listed in the IPR contribution agreements and not to all work of the foundation.  (This is not a change.)

2.       Election Report

Mike Jones reported on the election results.  The results as posted at http://openid.net/2012/02/14/openid-foundation-2012-community-board-member-election-results/ were unanimously accepted by the board.  The existing members welcomed Greg Keegstra to the board.

3.       Election of Officers

Kick Willemse was unanimously elected as community liaison.  Nat Sakimura was unanimously reelected as chairman. Mike Jones was unanimously reelected as secretary.  Eric Sachs was unanimously elected as vice-chairman.  John Bradley was unanimously reelected as treasurer.

4.       OpenID Connect Working Group Report

Mike Jones presented the status of the OpenID Connect working group.  The 6 implementer's drafts were approved.  Substantial interop work is under way.  A new Session Management spec is needed; we won't be able to complete the other specs until this happens.  There are schedule risks associated with the unfinished IETF specs we're dependent upon.  The deck presented has been sent to the public board list.

[ Farhang Kassaei joined the meeting at this point ]

5.       Account Chooser Working Group Report

Eric Sachs presented the status of the Account Chooser working group.  They plan to have their first face-to-face working group meeting on March 22nd.  Eric called out the issues about running a geographically distributed SSL service.  Eric's report has been sent to the public board list.

6.       Backplane Exchange Report

Greg Keegstra gave a report about the Backplane Exchange work.  Several people stated that this needs to become IPR clean before it can become input to an OpenID working group.  Greg will work on a charter and working group proposal.  Greg's presentation has been sent to the public board list.

7.       Marketing Committee Report

Eric Sachs reported on the Marketing Committee's work.  One area they've been looking at is how to more clearly demonstrate the value of membership to current and potential members.  At the OIDF London Workshop, the committee is running the experiment of requiring membership for corporations to present.  This has been succeeding.

The marketing committee is beginning to do "guerrilla marketing" using social media tools such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Google Plus.

The web site redesign is under way and being deployed at acccountchooser.com.  Mike asked about preserving the existing openid.net content such as blog posts and other WordPress-based content.  This is pertinent, since the redesign is being done using Drupal.  Pam and Eric agreed that preserving the relevant legacy content is a critical goal.

Eric's report has been sent to the public board list.

8.       Financial Report

There will be a financial shortfall until we get another sustaining member and some additional corporate members.  We are implementing cost-control measures for short-term relief.  K&L Gates is moving from a retainer to a project basis.  We have reduced our expenditures with Global Inventures.  Don is reducing his salary for the time being.  The foundation continues to owe Don for some of his bonuses for last year.  At present, Don's travel is largely being paid for by directed funding.

[ Kick left the meeting at this point ]
[ Axel called into the meeting at this point ]

9.       NSTIC Discussions

We discussed whether the foundation wants to write letters of support for any NSTIC grant applications.  Don had proposed that if we support any proposals, they satisfy these criteria:  Open Technologies, Standing, and Competent.  Eric believes that the OIDF should be hands-off with NSTIC and that endorsing applications has the effect of endorsing NSTIC.  He believes that NSTIC is creating uncertainty in the marketplace and slowing adoption of our technologies.  We agreed that we will make no endorsements in the first round.  The executive committee will revisit this during the second round and report back to the board with a recommendation.

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