[OpenID board] February 16, 2011 OpenID Board Meeting Minutes

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February 16, 2011 OpenID Board Meeting Minutes

Don Thibeau, Executive Director
Mike Jones
Nat Sakimura
John Bradley
Allen Tom
Eric Sachs
Nico Popp
Kick Willemse
John Ehrig
Axel Nennker
Tony Nadalin
Pamela Dingle
Andrew Nash

Attending by Phone:
Chris Messina
Brian Kissel

David Recordon
Raj Mata

John Ehrig, Global Inventures
Scott David, K&L Gates
Mike Ozburn, Booz Allen Hamilton

1.       Introduction
This was the first in-person meeting of the new board.  Our plan is to work on schedule for the year and potential governance changes.  We may cover FICAM and NSTIC if we have time; their adoption of OpenID 2.0 is a pertinent benchmark for the foundation.

2.       Potential future-looking statements in response to US government interest
We are receiving a number of inquiries from a number of different US government agencies about both the OpenID 2.0 and OpenID AB/C work.  We considered whether to make a joint statement or whether to continue to just have individual members communicate their own business priorities as they see fit.

3.       Working Group Report
Nat, John, and Mike updated the board on the progress on the OpenID Artifact Binding/Connect (AB/C) specification work.  We have a goal of having a complete set of specification drafts by IIW in May.
Nat took the action to post the draft spec and to send a link to the demos.

4.       Mobile Update
Axel Nennker informed us about new mobile work in the wholesale application community.  It uses an OAuth flow that queries a central service.  It can query the SIM card on the phone.  Axel would like to see that be replaced by OpenID AB/C.  Axel will send information to the board list as he is able.

5.       OpenID Foundation Status and Introduction
Don presented a deck intended to provide an introduction to the foundation.  He described a goal have having more "middle class" corporate members, rather than focusing primarily on sustaining members.  He also mentioned the soft dollar goals of having sustaining members sponsor and attend summits, which effectively raises the membership price for leading sustaining members.  He described our goal of reaching out to and coordinating with related protocol and standards groups.  He described us focusing on the things that the foundation uniquely can do.

We had a discussion on whether it makes sense to charge for summits.  Several people said that it was more important consider them opportunities to increase participation than to charge for summits as a way to sharpen the value proposition for members.

We had a discussion about raising the cost of individual memberships.  There was not a consensus to do so.

We discussed that 2011 would be a "year of promotion", using the summits as the vehicle.

We had a discussion about wanting to have a crisp articulation of the business models for supporting OpenID, best practices for RPs, more robust adoption information, and more detail on forward looking strategy.  Don took an action item to produce this.

Nat requested a strong IPR statement that is legally accurate.   Scott commented that IPR consists (formally) of 3 elements: Patent, Copyright and Trademark and (informally) "keeping OpenID free and IPR protected".  Don took the action to work with Scott, Nat and the EC to develop a "multi-vector mutual defense statement".

6.       Proposed Resolutions
Nat presented a set of draft resolutions for us to vote upon that had been circulated before the meeting.

1.            OIDF sustaining level member companies will agree to collective best efforts a good faith effort to co-host at least two US and 1 international OpenID summits per year.  Co-hosting includes logistical, programmatic and financial support coordinated with one or more organizations or companies.
Rationale: Clarifies directed funding assumptions without increasing fees and provides clear expectations of sustaining level members.

2.            OpenID Summits will be free of charge to OpenID individual members and employees of sustaining and corporate member companies.
Rationale: If a membership results in reduced fees at industry events, e.g. EEMA, IIWs and OASIS then a tangible economic value can be established. This approach was successfully negotiated last year at the EEMA 2010 Conference.  Microsoft employees took advantage of discounted fees and coordinated content at OIDF/OASIS/EEMA events at Microsoft's London offices.
Rationale: Most 2011 OpenID Summits are "paired" with other industry events; e.g. PayPal's Innovation Conference, Ping's Identity Conference and IIWs.  Negotiations with event organizers can be enhanced by associating with the OpenID brand and the event sponsorships by companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

3.            As of March 30, 2011, individual membership fee will be $100/year.  The Board directs the Executive Director to waive this fee in cases of hardship, professional courtesy or other reasons on a case by case basis.
Rationale:  Establishes a community membership cost-to-value, offsets costs at current levels and discourages 'join only to vote.'

4.            Effective for the 2012 election and thereafter, the OpenID elections will be in January of the year the elections take effect.
Rationale: Holding elections near holidays is problematic and moving timelines improves participation and integrity of the election process.

5.            The OIDF adopts a goal of having equal representation of US and International directors and equal representation of sustaining and community members on the OIDF Executive Committee, consistent with the board's ability to choose well-qualified and highly dedicated candidates for the executive committee meeting those criteria.
Rationale: This demonstrates the OPIF's commitment to international participation and facilitates growing global adoption of OpenID.

Resolution 1 passed unanimously, as amended.  John Bradley moved, Tony Nadalin seconded.

No one moved proposed resolution 2.   Don will bring a reworded version of it back to the board.

No one moved proposed resolution 3.

Resolution 4 passed unanimously.  John Bradley moved, Eric Sachs seconded.

No one moved proposed resolution 5; Don will bring a reworded version of it back to the board.

A discussion ensued about whether raising the cost of individual membership might increase the sense of value to individual users, allow for easier quorum establishment and as a pragmatic solution to lowering overall 'noise'.  One point raised was whether to have both voting and non-voting memberships.  There seem to be a set of people who want to say that they're involved but who don't actually do anything.  Possible terms were "participant" and "supporter".  Don will come back with a specific proposal allowing for affiliation but without necessarily active participation.

7.       We discussed the proposed summit agenda
Decisions reached were:

  *   The retail summit at PayPal is coming on March 8th.
  *   Symantec and Google will make the May 2nd summit happen adjoining IIW.
  *   The May 13th summit adjoining the EIC in Munich is being co-hosted by Google and Microsoft.
  *   Will not be holding a summit adjoining EEMA in Estonia in June.
  *   The Tokyo summit specifics depend upon decisions about what we want to achieve there.
  *   Ping Identity will host the summit July 18th or 19th adjoining the Cloud Identity Summit.  It will be enterprise focused.  We may have interop and demo work there as well.
  *   We will likely not hold an event at Catalyst in July.
  *   Microsoft will host a summit in London adjoining RSA in October.
  *   Facebook will host the November summit adjoining IIW.
Based on the above discussion, the revised 2011 OIDF summit schedule was recorded as follows:

  *   January 18 OpenID Policy Summit co-hosted with OIX in Washington DC
  *   March 8 OpenID Retail Summit co-hosted by PayPal at PayPal HQ in San Jose
  *   May 2 OpenID Technology Summit at IIW co-hosted by Symantec/Google in Mountain View and BoD FTF
  *   May 13 OpenID Technology Summit at EIC sponsored by Google and Microsoft in Munich
  *   TBD OpenID Asia/Pacific Summit co-hosted by NRI in Tokyo
  *   July 18/19 OpenID Cloud Identity Summit co-hosted by Ping Identity in Colorado
  *   Oct 11-13 RSA Conference MSFT/Google in London
  *   November TBD OpenID Technology Summit November at IIW co-hosted FB in Mountain View and BoD FTF
Bold = confirmed

8.       We scheduled in-person board meetings
We will hold in-person board meetings at both IIWs.  We will consider how long these meetings should be in the context of other events at the IIWs.

9.       Budget Update
Our budget is thin at present.  We are focusing on recruiting additional corporate members.

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