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Drummond Reed drummond.reed at cordance.net
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David, Bill: this looks encouraging. Is there any reason we can't make
Digital ID World the endpoint of the process and hold an OIDF board meeting
there to approve the policy as it stands at that point?


=Drummond (back from vacation now)



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FYI, a current rough timeline toward fully public review of the proposed IPR
policy and process.  Great progress was made during this weeks face to face
meeting, notes from that should be coming pretty soon.





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Subject: IPR timeline

Dear Colleagues--

I want to take this opportunity to express again the appreciation of all of
us on the OIDF team about the very productive and highly valuable
collaboration that took place yesterday.  It was very energizing and
exciting in all respects.  Thanks to everyone for making the time available
and taking the trouble to give generously of your attention and interest.

At the end of yesterday, there was a time line proposed / formulated.  Here
is that time-line...

Monday, August 12 - latest draft of IPR policy distributed to the discussion
group members;
Friday, August 16 - initial draft of the IPR process distributed;
Monday, August 19 - initial draft of the "IPR Rationale document"
distributed to members of the IPR discussion group;
Thursday, August 23 - a conference call scheduled for 9am Pacific (noon
Atlantic) to review and discuss the IPR draft documents;
Thursday, August 30 - Board of the OpenID Foundation to review and discuss
the IPR documents 
Late August /early September - IPR documents will be shared with a slightly
larger circle of "interested parties who have  been more tangentially
interested in the IPR discussion... (IBM, Oracle, etc.)
mid - late September IPR documents made available for public comment ...
potentially including a BoF during/at DIDW.

Please let me know if any corrections/additions/changes are needed.


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