openid.ui.mode for embedded devices

Hitoshi Uchida hitoshi.uchida at
Fri Feb 5 18:13:56 UTC 2010

Dear all,

Concerning 'openid.ui.mode', do you have a plan to support more mode ?

Though UI extension spec describes 'popup'
and for instance Google Federated Login API also supports currently,
even if embedded devices would like to use OpenID/OAuth,
they need web browser to show the html login page against users.

So, if the provider side supports, for instance, 'openid.ui.mode=svg',
embedded devices supporting SVG renderer can use OpenID/OAuth to
access protected resources securely.
In another way, maybe it could be done by sending
'Accept : image/svg+xml' header from UA.

Anyway, if UI extension spec and real provider services supports more mode,
OpenID/OAuth would be used in more various use case;
especially embedded devices.
 So, I would like to discuss about this topic in this mailing list.

Hitoshi Uchida <hitoshi.uchida at>

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