[OIDFSC] Native application SSO Working Group

n-sakimura n-sakimura at nri.co.jp
Thu Jul 4 05:19:54 UTC 2013

Could you kindly spell it out?

 From what I have been hearing, Facebook was just using fast application 
switch, which is nothing more than Self-issued thing that we have, and 
iOS's native login support given to facebook, twitter, and Weibo. 
Perhaps you are thinking of something else.

Of course, I could be complete wrong. I should probably read

as well.

Having said that, if Apple's interface is not open, perhaps it is a task 
for an industry consortia like OpenID Foundation to go and ask Apple to 
open up the API for other IdPs as well. Do not know if they are going to 
listen, but still, it might be our duty to try.


(2013/07/04 7:30), Anthony Nadalin wrote:
> I also have a concern that we might be infringing on the Facebook SSO
> (iOS) IPR with this effort.

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