v.Next NewSocialService scenario

Dick Hardt dick.hardt at gmail.com
Tue May 25 03:59:52 UTC 2010

Below is a vision I have described on how v.Next may evolve that calls out how it relates to OAuth. Hoepfully this will provoke some discussion around v.Next.

-- Dick

User navigates to site where they can sign up for a NewSocialService. NewSocialService works well if it calls APIs at Facebook and/or Twitter and/or Linkedin. It also would like to help the user find and/or invite friends to the NewService. Access to the user's calendar makes NewSocialService really sing as well as the user's list of favourite restaurants. If the user is a frequent flyer, they also will get some special promotional offers.

A) The user provides NewSocialService (the RP) with their OP

B) NewSocialService makes an OpenID v.Next request to the OP to get:
	 OAuth 2.0 access tokens for:
		- Facebook
		- Twitter
		- LinkedIn OAuth 2.0 access token
		- portable contacts API
		- calendar API 
	favorite restaurant list
	frequent flyer credential
	verified email address

C) The user's OP looks at the request, sees that the user has an account at Twitter and LinkedIn, but not Facebook, their portable contacts at Yahoo! and their calendar at Google.  The user has delegated the OP to be able to re-delegate access to all of these services. (ie. the OP has an OAuth 2.0 access token that enables the OP to delegate access to these services on behalf of the user) The OP sees the user is a member of AlaskaAir frequent flyer program.

D) The OP presents a screen to the user asking them to confirm the release of:
	- access to Twitter API
	- access to LinkedIn API
	- read access to portable contacts API at Yahoo!
	- read access to calendar at Google
	- list of favourite restaurants
	- AlaskaAir frequent flyer credential
	- email address 

E) The user consents and the OP makes a re-delegation request to Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo! and Google. The OP puts the results into a magic bundle and magicly transmits it to the RP. 
The RP verifies the response and acquires access tokens for Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo! and Google.
The RP verifies the email address claim and the frequent flyer claim
The RP (NewSocialService) starts providing a cool, new social service.


1) The RP makes one request, the user performs one consent operation.
2) The OP may or may not be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo! or Google. ie, the OP may also be a service provide
3) The RP may or may not have had to have been registered with Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo! and Google. That is an orthogonal requirement that is set by the service.
4) Re-delegation is not part of OAuth 2.0 at this time. This scenario hopefully illustrates the value of re-delegation.

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