Draft charter for v.Next Attributes working group

Joseph Smarr jsmarr at gmail.com
Mon May 10 18:09:19 UTC 2010

Hey guys, I volunteered to drive the "attributes" working group for OpenID
v.Next, so here's a proposed charter, feedback welcome. Thanks to Mike Jones
for actually writing up the first draft and getting me to act on it! :) js

*(a**)** * *Charter**.*

*(i)*              *WG name:*  OpenID v.Next Attributes

*(ii)*              *Purpose:*  Produce attribute transmission and schema
 specifications for OpenID v.Next that address the limitations and drawbacks
present in the OpenID 2.0 attribute facilities that limit OpenID’s
adoption, usability, and interoperability.  Sharing basic data about the
user has become a common enough requirement that OpenID needs to take a more
hands-on role in specifying common fields and also more tightly/actively
working on how to propose and accept new standard fields going
forward.  Specific
goals are:

· define how to ask for and get rich, consistent, common and extensible data

· define schemas for common attributes,

· define a mechanism and process for using attributes not in this common

· enable user control over what attributes are released,

· enable aggregation of attributes from multiple verifiable attribute

· enable the use of attributes by non-browser applications

· enable the use of attributes both with and without employing an active

· seamlessly integrate with and complement the other OpenID v.Next

              Compatibility with OpenID 2.0 is an explicit non-goal for this

*(iii)*              *Scope:*  Produce a next generation OpenID
attribute specification
or specifications, consistent with the purpose statement.

*(iv)*              *Proposed List of Specifications*:  OpenID v.Next Attribute
Transmission and Attribute Schema specifications and possibly related

*(v)*              *Anticipated audience or users of the work:*  Implementers
of OpenID Providers, Relying Parties, Active Clients, and non-browser
applications utilizing OpenID.

*(vi)*              *Language in which the WG will conduct business*:

*(vii)*              *Method of work:** * E-mail discussions on the working
group mailing list, working group conference calls, and face-to-face meeting
s at the Internet Identity Workshop and OpenID summits.

*(viii)*              *Basis for determining when the work of the WG is
completed:*  Work will not be deemed to be complete until there is a
consensus that the resulting protocol specification or family of
specifications fulfills the working group goals.  Additional proposed
changes beyond that initial consensus will be evaluated on the basis of
whether they increase or decrease consensus within the working group.  The
work will be completed once it is apparent that maximal consensus on the
draft has been achieved, consistent with the purpose and scope.

*(b**)** * *Background Information**.*

*(i)*              *Related work being done in other WGs or organizations*:
 OpenID Authentication 2.0 and related specifications, including Attribute
Exchange (AX) and Simple Registration (SReg).  ICF Schemas working group.
Portable Contacts.

*(ii)*              *Proposers:*

Joseph Smarr, *jsmarr at google.com* <jsmarr at google.com>, Google (chair)

*Additional proposers to be added here*

*(iii)*              *Anticipated Contributions*:  None.
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