Draft OpenID v.Next Discovery working group charter

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Tue Apr 13 19:30:46 UTC 2010

What follows is a draft charter for the OpenID v.Next Discovery working group.  This is one of 5 related charters for v.Next working groups to be formed to be discussed here, per my previous message.  Feedback is welcome, as are potential working group participants.

                                                                -- Mike

(a)  Charter.
(i)       WG name:  OpenID v.Next Discovery.
(ii)      Purpose:  Produce a discovery specification or family of discovery specifications for OpenID v.Next that address the limitations and drawbacks present in the OpenID 2.0 discovery facilities that limit OpenID's applicability, adoption, usability, privacy, and security.  Specific goals are:

*         enable discovery for OpenID identifiers, including those utilizing e-mail address syntax and those that are URLs,

*         enable discovery of features supported by OpenID v.Next OpenID Providers and Relying Parties,

*         enable discovery of attributes about OpenID v.Next OPs and RPs, including, but limited to visual logos and human-readable site names,

*         enable discovery supporting a spectrum of clients, including passive clients per current usage, thin active clients, and active clients with OP functionality,

*         enable discovery supporting authentication to and use of attributes by non-browser applications,

*         seamlessly integrate with and complement the other OpenID v.Next specifications.
            Compatibility with OpenID 2.0 is an explicit non-goal for this work.
(iii)     Scope:  Produce a next generation OpenID discovery specification or specifications, consistent with the purpose statement.
(iv)     Proposed List of Specifications:  OpenID v.Next Discovery and possibly related specifications.
(v)      Anticipated audience or users of the work:  Implementers of OpenID Providers, Relying Parties, Active Clients, and non-browser applications utilizing OpenID.
(vi)     Language in which the WG will conduct business:  English.
(vii)    Method of work:  E-mail discussions on the working group mailing list, working group conference calls, and face-to-face meetings at the Internet Identity Workshop and OpenID summits.
(viii)  Basis for determining when the work of the WG is completed:  Work will not be deemed to be complete until there is a consensus that the resulting protocol specification or family of specifications fulfills the working group goals.  Additional proposed changes beyond that initial consensus will be evaluated on the basis of whether they increase or decrease consensus within the working group.  The work will be completed once it is apparent that maximal consensus on the draft has been achieved, consistent with the purpose and scope.
(b)  Background Information.
(i)       Related work being done in other WGs or organizations:  OpenID Authentication 2.0 and related specifications, including Yadis 1.0.  OAuth and OAuth WRAP.  XRDS, XRD, and WebFinger.
(ii)      Proposers:
Allen Tom, atom at yahoo-inc.com<mailto:atom at yahoo-inc.com>, Yahoo! (co-chair)
Michael B. Jones, mbj at microsoft.com<mailto:mbj at microsoft.com>, Microsoft (co-chair)
John Bradley, ve7jtb at ve7jtb.com<mailto:ve7jtb at ve7jtb.com>, independent
Additional proposers to be added here
(iii)     Anticipated Contributions:  None.

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