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Mike Jones Michael.Jones at
Tue Apr 13 19:25:27 UTC 2010

The participants at the recent OpenID Technology Summit<> decided, after gathering requirements and listening to potential adopters, that it was time to begin v.Next work for OpenID.  Towards that end, you'll be seeing several related v.Next working group proposals appear for discussion on this list shortly, as a precursor to forming the actual working groups.  The v.Next working groups proposed at the summit are:

*         Core Protocol - Chair: Dick Hardt - Scope: active client, message verification, AX/CX, OAuth, non-browser

*         Discovery - Co-chairs: Allen Tom / Mike Jones - Scope: URL, acct: (e-mail address OpenIDs), active client (discovery about OP and RP)

*         Attribute Schema - Chair: Joseph Smarr - Scope: How to ask for and get rich, consistent common extensible data attributes (attribute discovery)

*         UX Guidelines - Chair: Chris Messina - Scope: Guidelines for how OPs and RPs provide a consistent user experience

*         Policy & Certification - Chair: Eric Sachs - Scope: (Define scope)

The chair's job is to move the process along and ensure results.  Each working group will also need informed participants and will choose editors.

These decisions build upon the community input on the v.Next idea<> at the previous Internet Identity Workshop.  (If you're not already registered for the IIW next month<>, this would be a fine time to do so!)

In a subsequent message, I'll send a draft OpenID v.Next working group charter for discussion on this list.  But I thought it would be useful first to send this note, providing overall context for the discussion.

                                                                -- Mike

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