PAPE Specification Review Period Commencing

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There isn't a line numbered version.  I would just quote passages, citing their section numbers, and say specifically what you'd like to see them changed to.  I'd send this feedback to the specs list (and drop general so people aren't receiving duplicate messages).

                                                                -- Mike

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Hi Mike, if there were an official line numbered version, it would enable people providing comments against specific lines

Or is there another preferred mechanism for feedback?



Mike Jones wrote:
The OpenID Provider Authentication Policy Extension (PAPE) Working Group recommends approval of PAPE Draft 7 as an OpenID Specification.  The draft is available at these locations:

This note starts the 60 day public review period for the specification draft in accordance with the OpenID Foundation IPR policies and procedures.  This review period will end on Sunday, December 21st.  Unless issues are identified during the review that the working group believes must be addressed by revising the draft, this review period will be followed by a seven day voting period during which OpenID Foundation members will vote on whether to approve this draft as an OpenID Specification.

As background, the proposal to create the working group, which the membership approved, is available at  The specifications council report on the creation of the working group is available at

                                                -- Mike



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