OpenID/OAuth hybrid - without app pre-registration

Manger, James H James.H.Manger at
Sun Nov 30 23:07:37 UTC 2008

> here is a non-security reason [for openid.oauth.consumer in the response]:
> Imagine the Consumer controlling more than
> one consumer key, and also imagine that the consumer is implemented as a
> server farms of thousands of machines. The machine receiving the response
> is not necessarily the same machine as the machine that made the request,
> and it response-receiver needs to know the context of the request.

The openid.return_to parameter is already available to relay RP context from a request to a response. Adding second way to do the same thing does not help. An app can, for instance, use

Returning openid.oauth.consumer and openid.oauth.scope cannot help if
apps are not doing anything with them (and the draft spec doesn't suggest
doing anything). If a paranoid crypto geek in future finds a reason to
return the parameters the apps built before that point will still be broken.


>> Is the app supposed to check that the value in the response matches the
>> value in the request?
>> Are there security implications of not doing the check?
>> I suspect it can be omitted (openid.return_to is still present and signed
>> if the app want to confirm the response is meant for itself).

James Manger

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