Completing the SREG 1.1 specification

Martin Atkins mart at
Sat Nov 29 07:28:16 UTC 2008

I agree that it's not ideal to have both, and in an ideal world everyone 
would use AX, but currently SREG seems to be more widely deployed than 
AX. This working group proposal was motivated not by some desire to 
needlessly perpetuate SREG but rather by actual real-world interop 
problems I've had to deal with as an implementer.

As long as folks still want to implement SREG, I think it's beneficial 
to have a specification that actually works in practice, which the 
current draft does not.

Dick Hardt wrote:
> A related topic.
> Wondering what the community thinks of having two specifications for 
> moving around profile data: we have SREG and AX: do we need both?

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