Doubts about the implementation of OpenID

Elvin Hernàndez eehc1705 at
Fri Nov 28 17:53:57 UTC 2008

Hi everybody!!!

I intend to use the OpenID protocol in the company for I'm working; the goal is offering an internal authentication service using OpenID. However I have some technical questions about the OpenID's implementation.

First, there are some OpenID's libraries with differents functions, how can I select the best OpenID's library? Is there some library better than the others?

Second, I have seen tha the most OpenID's implementations are performed on Linux or UNIX enviroments, Can OpenID be implemented on Windows enviroments?

Third, in connection with the question above, Can I use SQL instead mySQL as OpenID's repository? Can I use other kind repositores like LDAP?

On the other hand, I'm looking for a company that can help me to develop a complete authentication system using OpenID, you wouldn't know the name and/or the contact's company that can help me by any chance?

Thank you and regards.

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