OpenID 2.0 finalization progress

Josh Hoyt josh at
Mon Oct 15 15:02:23 PDT 2007

Hello fellow OpenID spec participants,

As I wrote in August [1], it's time to get the specification declared
final. We've had quite a while now for implementations and
specification feedback. Here at JanRain, we've implemented the draft
specification in Python [2] and PHP [3], and I know that the folks at
Sxip have implemented and deployed it in Java [4]. I know that at
least those implementations have beed tested against each other, and
worked successfully. I haven't heard of any new spec issues raised
from implementation.

As such, I am in favor of declaring Draft 12 the final draft and
blessing it as OpenID 2.0.

Do the other specification editors agree that now is the time to
declare OpenID 2.0 finished?

Josh Hoyt <josh at>


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