SREG in Yadis

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Fri Jan 5 06:50:42 UTC 2007

So I'm trying to word this and it seems each extension mentions it
slightly differently.  Looking at the following, thoughts are

    <section title='Discovery'>
      <t>It is RECOMMENDED that OpenID Provider support of this
      extension be advertised within the XRDS document, described in
      <xref target='OpenIDAuthentication2.0' />, when working with all
      versions of OpenID Authentication.  When doing so, the value of
      "&lt;xrd:Type&gt;" element MUST be


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Seems the 1.0 SREG spec doesn't mention advertising support in your
Yadis file.  With the 1.1 draft, seems like this should be mentioned.
Anyone against the Type being ""
which is what the proposed openid.ns.sreg field value is?

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