PROPOSAL: RP identifier

Dick Hardt dick at
Wed Oct 18 00:06:42 PDT 2006

Motivating use cases:

1) The IdP would like to remember what the user has said a given RP  
can and can't do. The IdP needs a unique identifier for the RP.  
openid.realm is a wild card that could match multiple RPs.  
openid.return_to is a URL that has no guarantee is being used again  
by the same RP.

2) The RP would like to provide an entry point for the IdP to  
discover more about the RP

3) Future extensions may want to make calls to the RP


add openid.rp
	set to the URL of the RP

openid.realm needs to match openid.rp
openid.rp needs to be contained in openid.return_to

openid.rp can take a POST that has openid_identifier=<openid  
identifier>. This is equivalent to the user providing <openid  
identifier> in an OpenID login form

-- Dick

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