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Mon Apr 23 16:29:17 UTC 2018

I won’t be able to make the meeting today as I did not anticipate we would have another meeting so close to the F2F.

FWIW: the last couple of RISC meetings I dialed into, but nobody was there. It is hard to know when meetings are going to happen, and when they are not.

I thought the next step in the process was to progress the standard to an implementors draft. Is that not the case?


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Hi RISCers,

The working group will convene tomorrow at 3pm PST. The group's focus, as reaffirmed at the face to face last week, is to prepare for the last call process. In order to further that goal, tomorrow we will discuss:
1. Updates from our face to face
2. The latest changes from Marius

Please come to the meeting having reviewed these changes, which were intended to prepare the specs for last call.


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