[Openid-specs-risc] RISC Notes for 3/5

Adam Dawes adawes at google.com
Mon Mar 5 18:51:37 UTC 2018

Attendees: Adam Dawes, Annabelle Backman, Dick Hardt, Marius Scurtescu


   - Thursday 3/13 in Seattle at Amazon until mid-afternoon
   - Thursday 4/5 morning at IIW (at conference or at Google)
   - Friday 4/20 in Seattle - inquire if Microsoft would like to host


   - There is strong interest by Google to be able to begin operations
   soon, targeting 1H this year. Getting all the pieces working looks like
   will take longer. But seems achievable to agree on RISC events and
   standardize those within that timeframe to make progress and get more
   feedback on requirements around distribution.
   - Agreed that in next Monday's call we would focus on events. Adam to
   reach out to other players to try to get them to participate in the call.

Dick's feedback on Marius document:

   - Marius agrees to changes and will update draft. Need to make sure 6750
   references and assumptions are correct.

Multiple streams issue

   - Agree that simplicity of the API is important if many of the
   recipients only care about single stream.
   - Needs deeper discussion at f2f next week.
   - Marius will present one option with simple default single stream
   assumption with ability to configure more streams on top for those with
   that need.
   - Dick has ideas around using different access tokens to define
   different streams.

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