[Openid-specs-risc] Should we handle indirect relationships?

Hardt, Dick dick at amazon.com
Tue Nov 22 21:15:09 UTC 2016

George: does the *@gmail.com user have an account at AOL? Let’s assume that is the use case you are talking about. It is not clear how Facebook and AOL are going to learn they share a user. In the F2F we talked about direct relationships would proxy in same way for indirect relationships. Ie. AOL would share data with Google, and Facebook would share data with Google. If there is an event at Facebook that is shared with Google, then that may create an event at Google that would be shared with Facebook.


On 11/22/16, 9:50 AM, someone claiming to be "Openid-specs-risc on behalf of George Fletcher" <openid-specs-risc-bounces at lists.openid.net on behalf of gffletch at aol.com> wrote:

    Given that at AOL we are a relying party to Google, Facebook, Yahoo, 
    Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. ... when a user logs in via Facebook with an 
    email address of *@gmail.com, should AOL subscribe at both Facebook and 
    Google? or just Facebook?
    This is similar to the enterprise case we talked about in the F2F. In 
    that case it was someone logging in via Google with an identity that is 
    not authenticated by Google but rather by the owning enterprise domain.
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