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Adam Dawes adawes at google.com
Fri Oct 28 06:27:09 UTC 2016

Sorry, I see this didn't go through. Please note, I had the address wrong
in the eventbrite. We'll be meeting at building 41
at central Googleplex.

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Hi all,

It's been great to have some early discussions at IIW and greatly looking
forward to our F2F on Friday. I wanted to send details for everyone. I've
juggled the order of the agenda around a little to accommodate some of the
Google abuse team who are busy in the morning. I think for the morning, I
basically want to walk through a full use case around user registration.

[10:00 - 10:15] Introductions, agenda review, and goals (Adam Dawes)
[10:15 - 10:30] SET spec primer (Phil Hunt)
[10:30 - 11:15] Implicit RP user registrations (Adam Dawes)

   - SET vs. Mail header
   - SET definition
   - Guidelines on when to register (bulk, at login/signup, etc)

[11:15 - 12:15] Signal sending transport (Marius Scurtescu)
[12:15 - 1:00] Lunch
[1:00 - 2:30] RISC Event semantic and SET definitions (Adam)

   - Hijacking
   - Session revocation/change password
   - Token revocation (different flavors)
   - Email recovery

[2:30 - 3:00] Next steps/Milestones (RISC spec, SET spec, Transport spec,
live implementations) (Adam)

1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View
Room: Seaside Training
Google Building MTV-41-2-

Adam Dawes | Sr. Product Manager | adawes at google.com | +1 650-214-2410

Adam Dawes | Sr. Product Manager | adawes at google.com | +1 650-214-2410
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