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Good news for RISC, I suspect…

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A triumph of common sense...

A cybersecurity measure was one of many provisions lawmakers tucked into the massive $1.1 trillion federal spending bill<http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2015/12/18/460281572/congress-sends-1-8-trillion-tax-and-spending-bill-to-president-obama> that Congress approved on Friday. It's aimed at fighting the theft of data held by big companies, by allowing those companies to share information with each other and with the government. But it has privacy advocates very worried.
Congress has been wrestling with the cybersecurity issue for years, and after each big data breach from health insurance companies, retail stores and the government, the pressure on lawmakers to act only increased.
The measure they came up with allows companies that have been hacked to share with other companies the details of the hack or virus, without fear of running afoul of antitrust laws. The bill would also shield them from being sued by their customers for turning data over to the government. That allows federal agencies to work with companies to ward off cyber attacks. Supporters call it a "Team America" approach.

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