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Who was on the call? Can you or the note taker include that info in the future?

-- Mike
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Hi all,

On Friday's meeting we spent some time discussing next steps within the group. I think everyone believes we have done some good work and explored a lot of issues. But to make more progress, we need to formalize our work better either in the form of even a poorly written spec or with a concrete proposal for what one of us would be prepared to build as a service provider.

Both Andrew Nash of Confyrm and I from Google said we would be willing to share the latter. But I've been buried with an I/O launch for next week and then prep for Cloud Identity Summit the second week of June. So, we've agreed that we'll take a brief hiatus until I can pull together a strawman proposal towards the end of June.

I've also put together a very simple skeleton of a spec document that we can do some crowdsourcing on in the meantime:


We're also considering a time change on the call as the current time is quite EU and APAC unfriendly. Brad has put together a Doodle poll to help determine a better time. Scheduling is really hard if we don't have a good feel for everyone's availability, so please take a few minutes to fill out:


Finally, we'll keep pressing ahead with the press release<https://docs.google.com/document/d/16QrQo5O1Afj4sZBZhJDHr9HxTtWERGHdle-0a4B6UT8/edit>. We'll look to get that out probably the week after next.

The next meeting will probably still be on a Friday. I'm guessing on 6/19 or 6/26. Stay tuned on the list for the notice of the next meet.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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