[Openid-specs-mobile-profile] Account porting within the same OP

Marcos Sanz sanz at denic.de
Tue Jun 5 10:59:30 UTC 2018

Hi James,

> A solution for Marcos (same OP, diff sub) is fairly easy: just include 
the old sub(s) in the id_token. The main issues are syntax 
> and process.
> Should the id_token become:
>   { "sub":"new789", ..., "subs": ["old123", "old456"] }
> Or
>   { "sub":"new789", ..., "aka": {"subs": ["old123", "old456"]} }
> Or
>   { "sub":"new789", ..., "old": [ { "sub":"old123", "remove":true}, { 
"sub":"old456", "remove":false } ] }
> Should it be specified in openid-connect-account-porting-1_0, or a 
separate (quite short and simple) spec?

if you ask me, this
a) is in scope of openid-connect-account-porting-1_0,
b) would be a pretty easy addendum to section 5,
c) makes the standards more unclear/confusing if it'd become a separate 
spec (I am still confused by the trilogy session-management/frontchannel 
logout/backchannel logout).

How to move along? Do we want to talk about it during next Tuesday's 


> One option for the "Old OP no longer exists" use case could be for the 
New OP to take over the Old OP domain name.
> RPs process id_tokens as per Account Porting. RPs don't know, nor need 
to know, that the Old OP has been completely replaced. The 
> New OP needs to host a static openid-configuration file at the Old OP's 
domain (https://oldop.example.net/.well-known/openid-configuration
> ), though the 
> "port_check_endpoint" can point to a New OP domain. That endpoint 
probably needs to support RP credentials established with the Old OP.
> No spec changes are needed.
> --
> James Manger
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> Hi James,
> > Am 01.06.2018 um 09:04 schrieb Manger, James 
<James.H.Manger at team.telstra.com>:
> > 
> > it will be too tempting for a developer to just use it without 
checking with Old OP.
> I agree, this is a serious risk. 
> I nevertheless support this additional feature. I have a porting case 
where the old IDP no longer exists when the actual porting 
> with the RP takes place. Instead another IDP takes responsibility for 
ALL user accounts of the old IDP. This also allows to 
> migrate all user data to the new IDP in a chunk before the old IDP is 
turned off. 
> In our case, the new IDP must tell the RP the old sub and iss values. We 
prevent account take over by having a central authority, 
> which tells the RP what IDP „officially“ took over for the old IDP. 
> kind regards,
> Torsten. 

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