[Openid-specs-mobile-profile] MODRNA WG time Oct. 31

John Bradley ve7jtb at ve7jtb.com
Mon Oct 30 20:37:56 UTC 2017

Yes Europe came off Daylight time on Sunday, but the US won’t for another week or so.

Moderna was pegged to CET and iGov to US.

I have made them both US pegged now, so the Europeans will have the call 1h earlier than normal until the US turns back its clocks.

The call time remains 7am in California but will be 3pm CET this week.

I am not responsible for daylight savings.  Sorry it will sort itself out.

John B.

> On Oct 30, 2017, at 4:35 PM, Hjelm, Bjorn <Bjorn.Hjelm at VerizonWireless.com> wrote:
> John,
> According to the OIDF schedule, tomorrow’s MODRNA WG conflicts with iGov WG. There may be a daylight time-shift that may have caused this but could you please update the OIDF calendar?
> BR,
> Bjorn

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