[Openid-specs-mobile-profile] Mobile Profile WG Call on Sept 20th 2017 preliminary minutes

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Thu Sep 21 08:35:28 UTC 2017

Dear all,

Please find below the preliminary minutes of our call in object. Please let me know of any error or misunderstanding.

Participants : Bjorn, John, Hubert, Jörg, Petteri, Philippe, Gonzalo, Siva

1.      Roll Call
2.      Adoption of the Agenda [Bjorn/John]
3.      Meeting schedule - moving to Tuesday
4.      Liaisons Updates
*       GSMA
*       Age Verification proposal [GSMA]
*       login_hint_token usage discussion [Joerg]
5.      Events [Bjorn/John]
*       OpenID Foundation Workshop (Oct. 16)
*       IIW (Oct. 17-19)
*       MODRNA/FAPI Joint F2F WG
6.      Issue Tracker [All]
7.      AOB
*       Next steps for implementers draft towards final specs

1.      Roll Call
o       Done

2.      Adoption of the Agenda [Bjorn/John]
o       approved and modified

3.      Meeting schedule - moving to Tuesday
OK for the group to change the schedule, no objection on the proposed slot. Starting on Tuesdays same time in 2 weeks (Oct 3rd) .
==>     --> Bjorn to modify the schedule

4.      Liaisons Updates
o       GSMA
o       login_hint_token usage discussion [Joerg]
Jörg: discussions happened in CPAS to present the benefits of login_hint_token (LHT), well understood. Some underlying questions regarding on what channel the LHT can be used, front, back (device or server initiated), and the fact that the discovery service is a different entity and could check LHT. The Request Object signed by a RP can also influence the usage of LHT, to adjust with CPAS people.
Siva: a decision on the LHT usage should be taken for Oct 27 in CPAS on how to use it.
 Gonzalo mentions a potential overlapping in usage of LHT and encrypted MSISDN. A clear phasing should be presented between the 2 usages.
o       Age Verification proposal [GSMA]
Siva: age verification proposal (CPAS) depends upon countries and functional approach may be different: matching a number of completed years, requesting age or DoB, use an operator like "equal - less than...". More than this, data quality is a problem, and different standards and norms exist across countries. Not yet decided in CPAS, the willing is to combine all features in one product.
John: how to mix claim and metadata ? Siva: a new scope verification is under investigation.
In the IGov group, work with metadata is key. Any input from CPAS is a good starting point to compare and detect what is missing regarding IGov work. Example of Use case: Check the age over 13 to be allowed to create an account.
==>     Bjorn to send a link to the group regarding metadata work from NIST on age verification.
link provided outside the meeting: NIST work on attribute metadata<https://www.nist.gov/itl/tig/attribute-metadata> and NISTIR-8112<https://pages.nist.gov/NISTIR-8112/>.

5.      Events [Bjorn/John]
o       OpenID Foundation Workshop (Oct. 16)
==>      Gonzalo and Axel to draft a presentation for CIBA. James presentation could be a trail.
==>     John and Bjorn to work on a common paper
o       IIW (Oct. 17-19)
o       MODRNA/FAPI Joint F2F WG
a date is suggested: nov 7thto have a F2F FAPI meeting with MODRNA.
==>     Bjorn to work on an agenda for this.
Do we want to have a meeting for only MODRNA members on the 6th ? No objection for an additional F2F meeting.

6.      Issue Tracker [All]
==>     #1: reassign issue 1 to UQ and close it.
==>     #31: text proposed, close the issue (Jörg)
==>     Bjorn to look to the issue tracker for remaining open points.

7.      Implementer's draft to final specs
The process is as following (see the reference process in §5 in the process document<https://openid.net/wordpress-content/uploads/2010/01/OpenID_Process_Document_December_2009_Final_Approved.pdf>):
-       The editors prepare a final draft (if not already done) and require comments/suggestions from the group to acquire consensus.
-       After consensus, editors and chairman request OIF secretary to start the 60 days review period.
-       15 days before the end of the 60 days review, and without any modification to the specs, the notice is sent to OIF members by OIF secretary to vote on the proposed final specs.
-       In case of any change, a new 60 days period re-starts.

Kind regards,

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